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At GBC Excavating, we take pride in setting the stage for your construction ventures. Our role goes beyond just transforming spaces; we’re in the business of foundation-building—literally.

Every successful construction starts with us; we convert empty spaces, whether it’s a vacant plot, an old site, or even an area with existing structures, into thriving hubs of construction activity.

Excavation is more than just shifting soil—it’s about laying the groundwork for a project’s future success and ensuring its enduring functionality. This underscores the importance of partnering with an excavating contractor like us, one that offers a full spectrum of services and can adeptly navigate any challenges that come our way.

The construction realm is no stranger to unexpected hurdles, such as soil contamination, misplaced water pipes, soft soil conditions, or complex stormwater management issues. GBC Excavating stands out for our ability to tackle these obstacles efficiently and effectively, saving you both time and resources, and sparing you the stress.

Now, let’s delve into the six key areas where GBC Excavating shines:

  1. Project Planning & Preconstruction Insight: Our approach is holistic. We recognize that excavation is a critical piece of the construction puzzle, requiring foresight and detailed planning. By investing our expertise early on in project planning and preconstruction phases, we ensure a seamless transition to actual construction, contributing to the creation of robust structures and infrastructures.
  2. Site Excavation Mastery: Our expertise extends to transforming the land to suit your project’s needs, from detailed excavation for foundations to soil compaction and drainage optimization. Where necessary, we reshape the landscape to meet the project’s specifications, ensuring a solid base for your construction.
  3. Underground Utilities Installation: The backbone of any modern structure is its utilities. Our skilled team expertly installs and connects vital systems, from sewer to storm drainage and water mains, with precision and care to avoid disruptions and ensure integration with existing services.
  4. Road & Infrastructure Development: We’re at the forefront of building and enhancing roadways, incorporating everything from earthmoving to paving. The foundation beneath is as crucial as the surface, ensuring durability and longevity for roads and infrastructure.
  5. Erosion Control & Soil Remediation: Addressing environmental challenges head-on, we implement strategies to manage stormwater and prevent soil erosion, keeping your site compliant with local regulations and ensuring its beauty and safety for years to come.
  6. Demolition & Land Clearing: Preparing a site for construction often starts with clearing the old to make way for the new. Our team efficiently and safely handles demolition and clearing tasks, setting the stage for groundbreaking projects.

Laying the Groundwork for Success

Our comprehensive services form the bedrock for any construction project. At GBC Excavating, we understand that the quality of the foundation determines the success of the entire project. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our depth of expertise in excavation, ensures that your project is not just built but is set on a foundation designed for longevity and success.

By choosing GBC Excavating, you’re not just hiring an excavator; you’re partnering with a team that’s integral to your project’s success from the ground up.

Excavating Contractor in Orchard Park, NY


GBC Excavating is an Orchard Park, NY based excavation contractor that transforms old and damaged surfaces into beautiful new ones.

We have been serving the great Buffalo, NY area since 2014 and have completed hundreds of jobs for home and business owners.

Residential clients rely on GBC Excavating for driveways tear outs, drainage, retaining walls, sidewalks, and general grading.

Business clients rely on GBC Excavating for demolition and land clearing, infrastructure development, site excavation, and drainage installation.

We’ve built our business on small excavation contracting, so remember no job is too small to give us a call.

Contact us today to discuss your excavating needs.

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Driveway Removal

Planning on pouring a new concrete or asphalt driveway? Let GBC Excavating remove and haul away your existing driveway today.

Drainage Installation

Rain and pooling water damaging your foundation and ruining your basement? Have GBC Excavating install proper drainage that keeps the water away.

Sidewalk Repair

Cracks and heaves in your sidewalk have you worried or in hot water with local codes? Bring in GBC Excavating to remove your old sidewalk and pour new.

The crew get here on time and worked the whole day. They left the yard clean when they left. The new drains work great and the grass seed was a nice touch. Thanks guys!

– Stephanie K, West Seneca, NY

I was having trouble with water in my backyard and GBC was recommended by a friend. Within two weeks we had new drainage and a beautiful wall installed. They were easy to work with and my wife loves the look of the retaining wall.

– Nick I, Orchard Park, NY

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